Counter Their Berimbolo With Leg Locks with Tom DeBlass

Counter Their Berimbolo With Leg Locks with Tom DeBlass

You may not like it and may not do it, but the Berimbolo when done correctly by someone who is specialized in it(for ex: Gianni Grippo, Mendes & Miyao bros) You will get swept or submitted.

For those that refuse to do the Berimbolo, that’s your right but you should at least know how it works, how to stop it and even better how to counter it.

How about if you punish their attempt with a nasty leg lock?

In this video from his new instructional Leg Attack Domination , Tom Deblass shows a powerful way the counter the Berimbolo with leg attacks.

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Tom DeBlass is here to help you DOMINATE leg locks.
Tom DeBlass is a 3X ADCC Veteran, UFC and Bellator MMA veteran and is the man who gave submission ace Garry Tonon his black belt. He has also been instrumental in the superstar rise of The King Gordon Ryan.
Tom DeBlass is one of the most influential grapplers in the world today. People flock to his seminars around the world because of his amazing ability to break down techniques in a way that allows grapplers of all levels to benefit and implement the techniques immediately.

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