Counter The Berimbolo With An Estima Lock – Here’s How

Counter The Berimbolo With An Estima Lock – Here’s How

The Berimbolo, whether you like it or not, when done correctly by someone who is very good at it,  is extremely hard to stop. Some people simply will refuse to learn it or even do it. That’s understandable, but you should at least know how the technique so that you can understand how to defend and even counter it.

Tired of getting berimboloed? Then you should learn how to counter the Berimbolo with an Estima Lock!

The Estima Lock is an infamous foot lock that was developed by the Estima brothers Victor and Braulio.

At the 2011 No Gi World Championship Victor Estima won all his matches by Estima lock.

The Estima lock works by putting a rear naked choke on the ankle and trapping the foot under the stomach. The torsion is similar to a toe hold. The hold is only legal for brown and black belts under IBJJF rules.

Gabriel Rollo demonstrates the setup on the video below:

Learn And Master The Most Unique Footlocks From The Multiple ADCC And World Champion Who Invented Them.

Braulio Estima Is Here To Walk You Through Developing A Lethal, Simple, And Devastating Lower Body Submission Game
Braulio Estima is a multiple time ADCC Champion and multiple time Black Belt World Champion who has wins over some of the best in the world including Marcelo Garcia.
Braulio has spent years refining this technique and has been able to utilize it successfully at the highest levels of competition.