Coral Belts Fabio Oliveira And Claudio Marculino Duke It Out With Amazing BJJ Exchanges

Coral Belts Fabio Oliveira And Claudio Marculino Duke It Out With Amazing BJJ Exchanges

A few in the world have had the opportunity to personally watch a match between two coral belts, facebook page Jiu-Jitsu UFRJ – Team Minerva made it a point to record this moment to share with those who will never have that honor!

It Was Kron Gracie Who Promoted Rickson Gracie To Coral Belt in 2009

 The IBJJF requires a practitioner remain a black & red belt for a minimum of 7 years.
When a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt reaches the seventh degree, he or she is awarded an alternating red-and-black belt similar to the one earned at the sixth degree in Judo. This belt is commonly known as a coral belt. Coral belts are very experienced practitioners, most of whom have made a large impact on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and are often addressed within the art by the title master.

Master Fabio Oliveira and Claudio Marculino made a great and honest contest. Both demonstrated the best in the human being, respect and humility. Enjoy and learn with the masters !!!

Besides this one another similar match was recorded a while back – among BJJ coral belts Mestres Vladir Ferreira and Adivaldo Batista

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Royce Gracie Explains Why He Wears a Blue Belt instead of a Coral Belt

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