Copa Podio Heavyweights Promises Loads Of Excitement

Copa Podio Heavyweights Promises Loads Of Excitement



Copa Podio Heavyweights event will be taking place this weekend in Sao Paulo! The event always comes with unique excitement because the playstyle is heavily affected by the different rules.

At Copa Podio rules dictate that athletes from each group fight each other in a round-robin format with different amounts of points awarded for different types of victory. 5 points are awarded for a submission victory while 3 points are for a victory on points, 2 for an advantage victory and just a single point for a draw.

From there the top 2 athletes from each group advance to the semi finals where the tournament assumes traditional elimination rules.



Alexander Trans is set to make a comeback following some injury issues that have largely hindered him during the past year (in spite of facing off against Braulio Estima as the superfight of previous Copa Podio ).

Leandro Lo has a unique feat as the dominant athlete in this format. Just check out some of his stunning work from the previous edition of the event:



Lo had won at Copa Podio almost every year since 2011.

One possible title contender is definitely Rodrigo Cavaca, one of main Checkmat team coaches. It will be interesting to see Cavaca work his straight ankle lock magic at Copa Podio .

Bad Boy Of Jiu-Jitsu, Erberth Santos is also looming around the corner. Previous edition of the event had the title slip out of his hands and land him at spot number 2 after dominating through out his group.


Green group will feature Nelton Pontes, Gabriel Fedor, Diego Borges, Rodrigo Cavaca and Alexander Trans.

While the yellow group will feature Leandro Lo, Erberth Santos, Cassio Silva and more!



You can watch the entire event live at Flograppling!