Conor McGregor Talks Dillon Danis And Proclaims: I Trully Love Jiu-Jitsu!

Conor McGregor Talks Dillon Danis And Proclaims: I Trully Love Jiu-Jitsu!



Conor McGregor is in preparation for his historic UFC 205 event. To prepare fot the bout he’s once again enlisted the help of Marcelo Garcia’s black belt Dillon Danis.

But Danis in the midst of his own preparation for the Polaris 4 fight against Jackson Sousa.



Polaris promoters caught up with the dynamic duo and Conor McGregor was more then willing to return the favor and talk all thing Dillon Danis and Grappling.

Of Dillon Danis he says:

“This is a different side of the game then he’s used to also we’ve been stuck here fighting. We haven’t been slacking off. A lot of the times fighter comes from a grappling base, not many of them at all are just a full fight and a free fight I think that’s because the preparation is a little more twitching, flow 95% of the time which is great but you start adding blows into the shot into the equation you set out the elbows knees … all of a sudden everything changes in a game. So we can put them in these uncomfortable situations. He’s very young, he’s only 22,23 but he is a big boy and the boy is an animal. When he switches it on he switches it on. “

Conor added that he’d be happy to guide Danis into the world of MMA should he decide he wants to make the transition. In addition to this Conor adds:

“The grappling community is trying to say I can’t grapple but that’s not just the grappling community. The boxing community say I can’t box, the kickboxing community said I can’t kick, the wrestling community said I can’t wrestle. To all of them I say let’s fight – Oh no, no no well only under this specific ruleset well there you go I don’t need rules so that’s my answer to that. “

He then added:

“I trully love Jiu-Jitsu. I think jiu-jitsu, my coach John Cavanagh has put so much time in into my grappling and everyone’s grappling around the gym so when we say what they say I don’t like it. I feel like I do have something to prove to my coaches. I would like to get some wins in jiu-jitsu tournaments and number one is the form.”

Conor also confirmed he’s not a big fan of the IBJJF rules. You can check out the video below to see everything he said and check out a grappling session between the two!