How Competitive Should You Be When You Roll in BJJ?

How Competitive Should You Be When You Roll in BJJ?



How competitive should you be when you roll in BJJ? This is a question that comes up a lot with people. Both inside my gym and through the questions I receive from people online.

We all know that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is super competitive, but yet the purpose of that competition is to help lift up everyone and make everyone better. Rather than tear down others.

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So how do you balance the two when engaged in Brazilian Jiujitsu training?

In this video I share a story about training with my friend John Salter when he was preparing for his ADCC competition in Finland. I share how we did everything from flow roll to hard rolling where we were both pushing each other.

During this training there were several points where we both checked on the other to ensure that we were alright.

That concern for our fellow BJJ training partners is important and should always be in the fronts of our mind when we are getting after it on the mats.

I hope that if this question about rolling with a competitive mindset was helpful to you!