Cobrinha: There’s Always Time To Drill, If you Don’t You’re Just Making Excuses

Cobrinha: There’s Always Time To Drill, If you Don’t You’re Just Making Excuses

drawing by @seong_siweon


Rubens Charles Cobrinha is among the most decorated bjj competitors. His guard is barely ever passed, and why? Because Cobrinha is an adamant fan of drilling. Previously he’s explained:

“I became one of the best chefs in my town.. .From there I learned a good system in the bakery which I applied to jiu jitsu and my whole life. Everything has to be a recipe. You find a recipe, you create a recipe – Stick with it! Don’t change it too much. We don’t modify the recipe too much, we measure every single ingredient there and… it’s a system. That’s something I learned over there and applied to my whole life. “

And what often hinders people is tinkering too much:

“When people have a recipe what they want to do, before they master it – they want to change everything. No. It’s not going to work. “

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Now in his latest interview with the dirtywhitebelt radio he doubles down on following a good recipe:

“Some people say I don’t like to drill. In my eyes it seems like they’re trying to find excuses which I don’t want to say they’re lazy but they’re trying to find an excuse. I think we always have time to drill just a little bit just to get comfortable with this position and then after we drill we do specific just for those positions just to drill and after that we do the sparring session”

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