CM Punk Has Been Awarded A Blue Belt

CM Punk Has Been Awarded A Blue Belt



Former Pro Wrestler turned pro MMA fighter Phil “CM Punk” Brooks was just awarded his blue belt.

This of course comes much after his debut in the octagon where he was facing bjj brown belt Mickey Gall and in a textbook appearance manhandled punk and choked him out in under 2 minutes.

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Daniel Wanderley, Brooks’ coach writes:

 Congratulations on your blue belt promotion Phil. I’m honored to be part of your #JiuJitsu and #MMA journey



The congratulations were mirrored by Duke Roufus – former kickboxer and head coach of the Roufusport competition team.

 Roufus sport account also officially featured the pic:
Congratulations to my friend #cmpunk on earning his #brazilianjiujitsu #bjj Blue Belt today. Punk works hard and has a great attitude.
 Previously Punk had received his final stripe in late October: