Chatri Sityodtong, ONE Championship Chairman & BJJ Brown Belt: “Happiness Stems From Living An Authentic Life”

Chatri Sityodtong, ONE Championship Chairman & BJJ Brown Belt: “Happiness Stems From Living An Authentic Life”

It’s easy to compare your journey to the journeys of others… To gauge how well you’re doing in comparison to them. And to, in the process, get sad about how “little” progress you’re making.
This is a trap, because you have your own journey – both on and off the BJJ mats alike. But it’s also a mistake that even the most successful have made at one point in time or another, like Chatri Sityodtong did.

Sityodtong is a founder and chairman of ONE Championship, who fell into the same abovementioned trap years ago:

When I was much younger, I would often compare my level of success with my friends, with people I knew, or even with my heroes and role models in life. I am embarrassed to admit it today, but it is the truth.
I would quietly compare how much money I was making, how happy I was, how much my net worth was, how prestigious my job was, how fast I was progressing, and everything else. And I will tell you that it brought me nothing, but misery.

With time, however, he learned that his happiness doesn’t depend on someone else… But on himself alone:

You see, I have learned that what others are doing in life has absolutely NOTHING to do with your happiness. True happiness comes from unleashing your greatness in life by doing what you love with people you love. It is evolving into the best version of yourself. Each person has a different destiny.

We are all on different paths. We all have our unique gifts, talents, and opportunities. And we are all alone in the quest for our truths. We are all playing the same game, but just at different levels (mostly due to circumstance and luck). We are all dealt different hands, but it is the same deck of cards.
The best thing we can do is to focus on what we can control – and ignore the rest.

Finally, Chatri shares that you’re supposed to live your very own, authentic life:

Ultimately, happiness stems from living an authentic life that truly ignites your soul. Everything else is meaningless. Happiness is within, not without. Find your purpose and passion by looking inside.
The answers to the greatest questions in life already reside in your heart. In the intersection of what you truly love and what you are truly good at, you will find your truth. Chase your greatness. Live your life.


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