Champion Collaborates with Hyperfly To Release Stylish BJJ Gi

Champion Collaborates with Hyperfly To Release Stylish BJJ Gi

BJJ lifestyle wear company Hyperfly  is bringing its BJJ Gi design to a whole new level. They have collaborated with famous sporting brand Champion and has just released a limited edition Gi with a unique and stylish design.

Hyperfly was founded on the idea to commit itself to the Athlete and provide him (or her) with the highest quality gear to serve their needs. Do or Die is a universal principle, it translates into every practice. They support and sponsor number of athletes including the likes of the great Keenan Cornelius, Lucas Rocha, Josh Hinger, and Isaque Bahiense among others.

Earlier in the year, Hyperfly collaborated with Carhartt to realease a Gi.

Champion (or alternatively also stylized as Champion U.S.A.) is an American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. The brand is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc. (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina), which was spun off by the Sara Lee Corporation. The company was originally based in Rochester, New York, prior to its acquisition by Sara Lee. (Source Wiki)

Hyperfly owner Laurenz Pakter anounced the collab:

hyperflylaurenz: Champion X Hyperfly work in progress…
#Champion #Hyperfly #DareToBeAChampion #YCTH #JiuJitsu

This is not the first that a major sporting brand has branched out to a grappling sport. Under Armour is the sponsor of Judo Olympic & World champion Teddy Riner and they have their own Judogi:

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