Cauliflower Ears: Doctor Develops Permanent Solution

Cauliflower Ears: Doctor Develops Permanent Solution



Written by Dr. Bryan Ales, BJJ student of Omar Sabha, MHA


What is the CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System?


The system was developed after I started BJJ a little over 3 years ago.  I didn’t think much of the condition until I ended up with a pretty painful case of it, and started asking around for advice. Other than the broken record response “you need to drain it”, I never had single person fill me in with an affordable way to keep the damaged ear from filling up over and over.  Soon I had my own beginnings of the condition that were to far along to reverse and started some research into what options were available.  I found a few options online that made no sense from a practical standpoint, and a few other topical remedies with zero science behind them.


What makes the product Effective?


The product has simplicity to it, and at the same time has 3+ years of figuring out how to make it simple.  It was countless trial and errors to overcome major hurdles with allergic reactions, pain, issues with “just the right amount of pressure” to be effective for the masses and keeping it super safe in relation to infections.



Why is this product “the better option”, comparing it to the other options available to athletes at risk?


The other available options have one of the following challenges:


  • They don’t work
  • You could need oral or systemic antibiotics
  • You could be out $150 minimum, each time you need it drained (2 or 3 times per week).
  • You could spend $300 plus having a medical doctor stitch a button to your ear.
  • You could be stuck wearing headgear “all the time” or risk getting the condition.
  • You off the mats much longer than with the CauliCure™


Is it Re-Usable?


Yes, the product is made so that the discs can be used for each and every traumatic incident requiring draining and effective compression.


How can I find out more about the CauliCure™ system?


You can visit our website at www.caulicure.com and read about the product details, watch the instructional video detailing out the product usage or email me at oprdoc@gmail.com.

Furthermore, the product is available for sale on the www.caulicure.com as well as www.budovideos.com