Can’t Escape Mount Against Bigger People in BJJ? Try This Technique

Can’t Escape Mount Against Bigger People in BJJ? Try This Technique

No matter what anyone says, don’t let ’em lie to you – escaping Mount ain’t easy. It might get easier as you get better, but guess what? Your training partners and opponents will also get better. And that means that you’ll still have trouble escaping this dreaded position.
That trouble gets even more worrisome when you’re going against someone who is bigger and/or heavier than you. How in the world are you supposed to escape Mount against that person?

You’re not to worry. Nick “Chewy” Albin has the answer.



In the standard Mount escape, you post your palms (one over another) against the opponent’s hip; then bridging in order to imbalance them, finding a favorable angle for the escape. However, this sometimes doesn’t quite work against bigger people. They may not move an inch when you do this.

In those moments, this is what you’ll do. First, twist your legs to the side you are framing on and use your far leg to hook the opponent’s foot. Use that hook to elevate their leg and create space for your other leg.
Then, post your foot on the mat, scoot your hips underneath the opponent and change your angle. From here, get an underhook and start playing your Half Guard game!

Watch the video below for more information on how to escape Mount like this:

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