Why You Can’t Afford To Have A Garbage Top Game in BJJ

Why You Can’t Afford To Have A Garbage Top Game in BJJ

written by Nick Chewy Albin of  chewjitsu.net


Today’s question is about having a garbage top game in BJJ. In the question he says he is decent at guard passing but is unable to maintain top position.

So in this video I share a couple of tips on developing better top pressure and positioning from top.

The 1st tip is about changing your mindset with the BJJ techniques that you’re trying to execute.

In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu if you’re comfortable with a particular position like Guard or fighting from the back.

You may find that you will give up top position because you’re perfectly fine with dropping back to Guard to work from bottom.

If this is the cause. You will have to approach your rolls during a Brazilian Jiujitsu practice with a different mindset. A mindset of being a tough top player who doesn’t give up top position.

The second part of the video gives a couple of basic tips and principles from Side Control on putting yourself into a heavy and properly aligned angle on top.

Things like blocking the hip in side control, not crossing the centerline of the person’s body and keeping your hips tight will all help in developing a strong top position.

If you’re someone having a similar issue as stated in the video. I hope this video helps!



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