Building yourself an Effective BJJ Game Based on High Level Fundamentals

Building yourself an Effective BJJ Game Based on High Level Fundamentals

Learning the fundamentals is easy when you’re just starting out with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. For the most part, and most of the time, they’re fun to learn; in the end of ends, everything is new and exciting – and so are even the most basic of techniques! However, with time, chances are that they’ll become kind of boring… There are all of those other interesting techniques, so why wouldn’t you want to drill and practice something else?



Well, no one is saying that you shouldn’t be developing your BJJ skillset as much and as wide as you can. The more you can learn – the more submissions, escapes and other things you add to your Jiu Jitsu repertoire – the better off you will be. You’ll be better equipped to successfully match up against a broader range of grapplers with differently developed skills themselves; as well as to react in a better way to the various scenarios you’ll find yourself in while on the mats.

However, just because you want to add more moves to the table doesn’t mean that you should forget the „bread“ that makes everything else possible… For, eating a Snickers bar sure does feel great; all of that sweetness and crunchiness. But how will you truly enjoy it if you don’t eat your fruit and veggies regularly enough? In other words: how will you be able to enjoy the best things in life if you don’t have the resources to support them?



To put it differently, your BJJ basics are, well, fundamental to how the rest of your game will look like and develop! If you haven’t gotten your fundamentals down then sure, you could still continue working on the advanced stuff as well. However, how „advanced“ do you think that stuff will actually be? Do you think you’d be capable of solving postgraduate-level maths without first having aced your basic algebra? And if so – do you really believe that you could go for a Flying Armbar without having first learned how to set up a regular Armbar, from the Mount and Closed Guard?
You might be able to get it with a dose of luck. But your success – both in BJJ and life – shouldn’t rely on luck. It might be a factor, for certain; but you want to chase down your goals with skill and knowledge.

Whatever you may think, whichever belt you may be and however many competition golds and successful rolls you may have accomplished, you’re still not above training the fundamentals. You’re not! You need to continue developing them with utmost seriousness and focus, so that you can become better. To become better, and not just in those techniques in and of themselves; but in other ones as well.
The magnificent villa you’re trying to build is ultimately going to rest on the strength of your building blocks. And you want these blocks to be as strong as possible, so that they can support your growth throughout the BJJ journey!

Therefore, don’t hesitate to dedicate a portion of your time just for the basics. Also, don’t skip those beginner-level drills at the start of training; don’t daydream and resist the urge to just go through the motions. Instead, make a decision to be serious about practicing and executing them to the best of your ability.
If you’re consistent in bringing up your basics to the highest level that you can… Then there’s no telling how far you will be able to go with the advanced techniques!

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