Buchecha Shows His ‘Game Over’ Position: Hip Smash/Folding Pass

Buchecha Shows His ‘Game Over’ Position: Hip Smash/Folding Pass

Marcus „Buchecha“ Almeida is considered one of the greatest BJJ competitors of all time. With 12x World Champion, he is known for his aggressive game and especially for his smash passing style.

Buchecha loves to use the hip smash guard pass which is also known as the use o Folding Pass.
With Bernardo Faria as his training partner, he explains why the Folding Pass is such a powerful tool and how you can make it work for yourself.

The “Key” To The Hip Smash/Folding Pass

In this video from famous BJJ videographer Stuart Cooper, Buchecha shows what is the key to the Folding Pass: Using your bodyweight in one spot – through your hips.

Buchecha goes in a double over position. He says that we should never put our hands on the mat when the opponent tries to break our posture. Instead, he grabs a double collar control. He then proceeds to push forward with his hips and connects his elbows to his hips and pushes the opponnent’s leg’s over to the side. He then drops all his weight on the opponent’s hip.

From there, it’s a slow guard passing process. Enjoy all the details from the video:

Learn The “Automatic Game Over” Pass That The Best BJJ Competitor Of All Time Uses To Destroy Ever Guard: Buchecha’s signature Folding Pass System.

  • It’s simple – anyone can do it and you don’t need flexibility or size to use Buchecha’s folding pass.
  • Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is a 13-time world champion, a record number of titles.

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