Buchecha: Leandro Lo Is The Best Fighter In The World

Buchecha: Leandro Lo Is The Best Fighter In The World

Photo: Mike Anderson BJJ Photographer


Marcus Buchecha Almeida is fresh off of winning his 10th collective world title having conquered both his division and the absolute for the 5th time. Still Buchecha is giving credit where it’s due and acknowledging the talent his absolute finals opponent – and real life friend Leandro Lo:

“Leandro Lo is a great friend that Jiu-Jitsu gave me, and I knew it would be the toughest fight. In my opinion, he is the best fighter in the world. He has been making history by winning titles in several different weight categories … I think our friendship did not interfere in anything in the fight. Everyone was running after the same dream. It was a very tough final! ” He commented for tatame.


Buchecha managed to win as many world titles as one of the all time greats – Roger Gracie but still he feels his job is far from done:

“I achieved a feat I never imagined I would achieve when I started in the sport. When I bought my first magazine, I remember it was Pé-de-Pano and Roger Gracie who were the big names in Jiu-Jitsu. They were my first idols and, having achieved the Roger’s achievement with 10 world titles, is something I still can not describe. I just know it’s a very grand thing to achieve in the sport. I am very happy! But the chip still has not fallen right, “said Buchecha.

Next up is his Metamoris rematch against Roger Gracie under the banner of  Gracie Pro event, hosted by Kyra Gracie.

Roger Gracie & Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida Set to Rematch in Rio de Janeiro


While Metamoris rules allowed for a draw this new event will be 10 minutes, IBJJF rules leaving little room for a draw.


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