Brown Belt Prevents Car Jacking With BJJ

Brown Belt Prevents Car Jacking With BJJ

BJJ has been the focus of attention when it came to crime prevention recently. The latest case is an alleged car jacking that was prevented by a jiu jitsu brown belt.

BJJ brown belt Abreu Campos got to intervene and prevent a crime last week – having trained for a number of years Campos intervened.

He told jiujitsutimes:

“I got mad,” said Campos. “Last week, I’d noticed that the handle of my car was damaged, like someone had tried to force their way in. So I followed him a little bit.”

“I opened the car door and grabbed him in a cross choke [from the back],” he recounts. “The moment I took his back, he tried to face me, and I noticed him reach for his hip. So I held the choke with one hand and grabbed his hand with my other hand.”

Campos managed to control the man until the cops arrived and took him away. He says with a laugh that the cops’ reaction was a mixture of “Good police work,” and “Don’t do that again.”


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