Brian Glick: “Prioritize High-Impact Work In Your BJJ Training”

Brian Glick: “Prioritize High-Impact Work In Your BJJ Training”

There are a lot of techniques you could work on in your BJJ skillset. And there are a LOT of things you could focus on during training – so many of them, in fact, that you’ll never be able to work on and learn all of them.
So, what should you focus on? Brian Glick, a third-degree BJJ black belt under John Danaher and Renzo Gracie, believes that you should prioritize high-impact work in training.

What does he mean by this? Here’s what he had to say in a recent Instagram post:

Prioritizing high-impact work: instead of rushing from one skill or technique to another, can you focus on the fewer tasks that will actually matter for your longterm growth and progress?
They tend to involve asking the more difficult questions, the ones you’re likely avoiding or skipping over. They also tend to have a greater impact on your overall training, your confidence in trying out new skills and your success in overcoming inferior positions.

Glick emphasizes the importance of training in a purposeful manner:

The habit is to find those critical impact areas and put yourself into them most of the time – like 80%, if you can. We still need to make room for the less-essential work also (it’s fun to dip into things you might not use that often but offer you new perspectives or stretch your capacities), but we’re talking about moving those elements to the edges.

The idea is to slowly start a shift from casual and laissez-faire to directed and purposeful, giving the high-impact elements the right amount of attention.


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