Braulio Estima’s Game Changing Details For A More Powerful Toe Hold

Braulio Estima’s Game Changing Details For A More Powerful Toe Hold

It’s often thought that leg locks are the “great equalizer” of the Jiu Jitsu game, and in many ways that’s true. However, using leg locks to level the playing field with bigger and stronger opponents requires not only an aggressive initiative to go for the legs, but a knowledge of how to maximize leverage and force even if your opponent is by far more powerful.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the details of what is now the most powerful leg lock in the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation, the toe hold.

The toe hold is a powerful submission using a ‘kimura’ grip on the opponent’s foot and putting a big torque. We are often taught the technique with emphasis being put on grabbing the the end of the foot and toes. 5x bjj world champ and ADCC champ Braulio Estima shows a couple interesting variations of the toe hold that actually makes it much more powerful.

Braulio grabs the heel and pushes the foot with his own forearm. Bernardo Faria was impressed.

Learn And Master The Most Unique Footlocks From The Multiple ADCC And World Champion Who Invented Them.

Braulio Estima Is Here To Walk You Through Developing A Lethal, Simple, And Devastating Lower Body Submission Game
Braulio Estima is a multiple time ADCC Champion and multiple time Black Belt World Champion who has wins over some of the best in the world including Marcelo Garcia.
Braulio has spent years refining this technique and has been able to utilize it successfully at the highest levels of competition.

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