Braulio Estima’s Brilliant No-Arm Triangle Set Up

Braulio Estima’s Brilliant No-Arm Triangle Set Up

Triangle chokes usually favor jiu-jitsu practitioners who have longer limbs.  It makes sense as longer limbs usually allow more range of motion.

There are many types of triangles which you can choose from (front, reverse, side, back, body triangle, arm triangle etc…).

Most Unexpected Triangle Variation for BJJ

 All of them do do the same thing: they compress the neck and the arm. 

How about chocking them with a triangle when there is no arm involved?  The infamous no-arm triangle is said to be the Loch Ness Monster of jiu-jitsu.   We see it rarely, many people think that it doesn’t really work or exist, every once in awhile it happens and and everybody  loses their mind. 

When Braulio Estima was at the Frota Academy in Zurich Switzerland,  he shared with the students many of his secrets.  He impressed everybody there with this very ingenious set up to the no arm triangle. It starts from when you are defending the Double underhook guard pass position.  You need to grab the opponents lapel and bring it across his neck with your arm putting pressure on the neck  so they are basically choking themselves as they are trying to pass. This is a truly brilliant set up and works very well.

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  • SWEEP them when they’re defending the SUBMISSION and SUBMIT them when they’re defending the SWEEP.