Brain Supplements – Do They Really Work?

Brain Supplements – Do They Really Work?
Everyone dreams of an easy way to improve their brain’s memory, enhance focus, and increase overall intelligence. However, most are skeptical when a new brain supplement enters the market. It just sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
Maybe, but don’t judge too quickly. There are several brain supplements which exist that are customer tested, regulated, and consumed by people who advocate for their positive effects.

What Are Brain Supplements?

Brain supplements are a product of neuroengineering, the biomedical process of using engineering techniques to improve the brain’s natural functions. Supplements can be designed to either enhance a healthy brain’s work rate and improve memory, reaction time, and sharpen focus, or can repair existing brain damage. Doctors create supplements to improve mental health, not physical strength.
Not many know that we already consume neuroengineered products in our daily lives such as coffee, alcohol, and over the counter drugs. Just as these products are meant to stimulate or alter our minds for a desirable effect, brain supplements are designed to offer a safe enhancement of the brain’s functions.
If many of us already have a cup of coffee in the morning, why not explore brain supplement options that might work even better?

What Products Are Available?

The most common brain supplements on the market are Nootrpics, also known as smart drugs. These cognitive enhancers increase focus, attention, and memory. Nootropics are intended as a safe, dosage-based remedy for anyone without an over the counter prescription for disorders such as ADHD. As of 2018, scientific research about Nootropics is still premature.
One of the highly reviewed Nootropics is NooCube, a product designed to improve overall brain health by combining high quality natural ingredients and amino acids. This product has been used 124,000 people and is special because it does not rely on caffeine, unlike most supplement products. NooCube achieves its affect due to its inclusion of Alpha GPC, which is used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. NooCube also takes advantage of Cat’s Claw, a powerful antioxidant that prevents brain cell damage.
NooCube is believed to work because of its proven ingredients, despite lack of concrete evidence and a warning to expecting mothers not to take any product with Cat’s Claw. They also insist that side effects for NooCube are low as long as the user takes the recommended dose.

How Can I Try Them Out?

Brain supplements can be purchased on several websites, but it’s important to read up on which supplement will be right for you and the options can seem overwhelming. Websites such as Neurohacks provide a beginner’s guide that directs a user to specific products tailored to a user’s needs. Some links they ensure are trustworthy sites to buy supplements from are AbsorbYourHealth, PeakNootropics, and PowderCity.
If purchasing a product directly from a site, always research the company, read reviews, or call their phone number if you have any doubt.

So, Do They Work?

While there are endless testimonials and reviewers that can testify to their efficiency, there is still no existing scientific evidence to support brain supplements’ positive effects. While doctors have suggested common dietary supplements such as Vitamin B12 supplements and fish oil for improved brain health, most agree that you won’t get a mental boost unless you suffer from cognitive impairment.
Doctors also speak against computer-based puzzle games, and instead insist on exercise and a healthy diet as the best scientifically proven methods to prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s and other serious illnesses. However, Neuroengineerng is a developing field dedicated to finding remedies for brain impairment or improvement.
Some users of brain supplements have reported side effects such as nausea and headaches and discontinued usage. Bottom line is while there’s a lack of widespread negative effects there also really just isn’t any strong scientific evidence yet.

Consult with your doctor about whether brain supplements are right for you, or see Neurohack’s post to learn more about NooCube and other well reviewed supplements.