This is the Blueprint To Get You Back to BJJ After Injury

This is the Blueprint To Get You Back to BJJ After Injury

Unfortunately, for athletes, injuries are inevitabilities and this is true also for people training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When a major injury like an Achilles Tendon Rupture strikes, it may mean being off the mats anywhere from 4-8 months. It’s just one of those injuries that takes a long time to heal requiring extra-special care not to sustain re-injury and start the process of recovery all over again.

The excellent Jiujitsutherapist.com gives some great advice about how to come back from an injury:

If you are returning to BJJ or any other activity, I always recommend a gradual return to sport. One of the pieces of advice I give out is to “limit the variables.” This basically means to decrease any external factors out of my control that can increase likelihood of re-injury.

Training in a safer environment to start with is a great idea. Following these steps will help get you back to training safely and with less likelihood for re-injury.

1.Drill independently – start with active movement drills and start rebuilding muscle memory.

2. Avoid painful positions – modify positions based on any pain or difficulty with performing a movement.

3. Partner drilling – start performing techniques with a partner performing light to no resistance. Get used to moving your partner’s body weight and getting the techniques down in a controlled environment.

4. Pass and defend drills – start active grappling with having certain positions in mind and stoping once someone gets a sweep or a submission.

5. Full grappling – still continue to choose your partners wisely, but get back to full training. Start with a few rolls and then increase the amount of training rounds gradually as your body adapts. If you have pain, modify or go back to an earlier step.

These are just general outlines and you may find yourself staying at one area/step longer than others, but the key is safety, preventing re-injury, and getting back to your previous level of function and skill.

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More videos and exercise tips at www.jiujitsutherapist.com

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