Blue Belt Submits Black Belt Within a Minute With Self Invented Sub – Genchitine

Blue Belt Submits Black Belt Within a Minute With Self Invented Sub – Genchitine

FFA Blue Belt Devin Genchi has a powerful submission he patented. The genchitine. It’s a mixture of a guillotine choke and the crucifix. And he’s had much success with it over the course of his career.

Devin Genchi is quite dedicated to his martial arts journey. He’s also doing MMA :


Last night was a war but I came out on top! Thank you to all my FFA family 🙂

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But back to the genchitine – he even managed to hit it on a bjj black belt, and in less than a minute at that!


Devin Genchi hits his patented submission hold, the Genchitine, on a BJJ Black Belt in less than 1 minute. This powerful submission is a mix between the Guillotine choke and the dreaded Crucifix – creating two types of excruciating pressure that will force your opponent to submit.

So what is the genchetine?

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What do you think about this unique sub?

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