Blackzillians Owner Seeking Court Order Against Former Coach Henri Hooft

Blackzillians Owner Seeking Court Order Against Former Coach Henri Hooft



It’s looking like more Blackzillians drama is brewing. A team that was once equal amounts feared and respected has hit a series of snags once it started splitting.

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The latest development has the Owner Glenn Robinson seeking an injunction against former Blackzilians coach Henri Hooft for violation of a non-compete agreement.

Robinson claims that Hooft had recruited fighters from the Blackzillians gym to a new facility branded Combat Club according to the county cord records.

Complaint alleges that Hooft and Robinson entered into an independent contractor agreement on Dec. 22, 2013. An attached non-compete agreement shows that Hooft was barred from coaching fighters anywhere else for two years after ended his relationship with the Blackzilians. A list of fighters on the roster that Hooft was supposed to be barred from training as a result of the non-compete includes the likes of Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, Tyrone Spong, Volkan Oezdemir and Kamaru Usman, among others.

The Blackzilians team disbanded last year amid health and finance problems for Robinson. In the injunction it’s asked that Hooft refrain from coaching at the newly founded Combat Club which is located 30 miles from the JACO Training center in Latana, Fla.

MMAjunkie.com first reported about the latest development.

Hooft responded to the complaint claiming:

Hooft respond to the complaint in an affirmative defense on Aug. 21. In the response, Hooft claims that “no legitimate business interest is at issue because [the] defendant never had access to confidential information that belonged to the plaintiff and was not otherwise available to other competitors in the industry….”

In addition to this he also said that:

Robinson “is no longer operating any facility that performs the services the defendant is providing.” The response also states that Hooft is owed $10,000 by JACO Training Center, resulting in a breach of contract before Hooft began training and coaching at a different location.

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