BJJEE Gi Review: Kingz 420 Light V3 Kimono

BJJEE Gi Review: Kingz 420 Light V3 Kimono

If you want to be in the service of the king you got to wear the kings uniform. Kingz is the chosen armor of such esteemed knights as Andre Galvao, Xande Ribeiro, Roberto Cyborg and Hannette Staack. The people at Unlimited fightwear sent me a cool Kingz 420 Light V3 Kimono and now I have tested it in battle!

I went to my academy; MMA Alliance in Malmö, to try it out and here are my thoughts.


Marcus wearing the Kingz Kimono

The gi is light. Really light! It’s only 1,3 kg for an A2 and that’s perfect for competition where every gram matters. Made out of mixed materials, the top is cotton perl weave and the pants are synthetic ripstop. The gi I got is black with red trim on the jacket and Kingz patches on the shoulders, chest and logo embroidered in the neck. You can also get the gi in white and in blue. The design is simple, yet cool and I really like it. Its not too much but just right. The design leaves space for your team patches if you want to put them on.

The thing that really stands out after training in the gi were the pants. The pants fit very well, but more importantly, I did not have to adjust the strings that tie them. Normally on my other gis I will re-tie the strings of the pants a couple of times during a session but I did not have to do this at all wearing the Kingz pants.

Although I really like this gi the question is how much will I be training in it. From now on, my Koral light gis are getting replaced as competition gis with the kings own armor! Next time you see me competing I will be heavy in my light Kingz kimono. This kimono is my new competition gi!





  • Ultra lightweight
  • Preshrunk for an ideal fit
  • Triple reinforced stitching across all stress points
  • Quick to dry and fully breathable


  • Gis undergo a preshrinking process, reducing by 97% the shrinkage of the gi
  • Logo trim on jacket bottom and cuffs
  • High stitch count embroidered logo on back of the neck
  • Made of one piece fabric for superior strength and durability
  • Extra Stiff Collar
  • Synthetic heat resistant lapel insert, a single piece of vulcanized rubber inside the collar that keeps the gi light, dry faster and keep your lapel fungus an bacteria free


  • 227 grams Rip Stop Pants, light yet extremely durable & comfortable
  • Double reinforced knee padding, triple stitched with over lapped seam
  • 6 Drawstring loops

The gi retails for around 140 €

This gi is well made with attention to details. It is super light, yet strong. As a self proclaimed Koral lover, I have to admit that Kingz definitely give them competition; this gi is 9 out of 10 and it doesn’t get much better than this.

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