BJJ World Champion Erberth Santos Has Run-In With Brazilian Police, Thrown Out of Bar

BJJ World Champion Erberth Santos Has Run-In With Brazilian Police, Thrown Out of Bar

Controversial BJJ World Champion, Erberth Santos was involved with the police, and was expelled from a party, in Santa Catarina. The Jiu-Jitsu champion accused the police of racism.

Erberth Santos was approached by two armed police officers who demanded his removal from the establishment on Praia Brava in Itajaí, SC. “Go on, go fighter,” shouted one of the officers. Erberth Santos assured him that everything is ok with him. Erberth Santos was IBJJF world champion in 2017, and posted on his instagram that the act was “racist”.

Erberth Santos has been involved in many incidents on and off the mats in the past, and is generally known as the bad boy of Jiu-Jitsu…

The 2017 world champion is a very controversial figure and has a lot of haters especially in his native Brazil.

As a reminder of his antics:

Brawl during a BJJ competition:

Erberth Santos: poor sportmanship, dirty player. Elbows Claudevan Martins durind CBJJE Mundials. Martins is much smaller and took him down with prompted this elbow from Erberth. Both were disqualified by the referee.
Outside of the mat , someone threw a shoe at Erberth and the fight restarted. Erberth took Claudevan Martins down and delivered some elbows. Claudevan Martins’ girlfriend kicked Erberth’s face twice and someone from Guigo Team (Erberth’s team), flying kicked her in the face!


Erberth Santos Involved in Massive Brawl at Competition, DQ’d, Woman Kicked in Face

From Bernardo Faria:

Bernardo Faria: ‘Erberth is The Only One That Has Been Disrespectful To Me in 17 Yrs Competing’


And retaliation from other athletes:

Erberth Santos B*tchslapped by Alexandre Vieira at Rio Fall Open

He has taken to a whole new level when he instigated a brawl during last night’s final match of the star studded event BJJ Stars in Brazil.

Felipe Pena and Erberth Santos faced each other in the final match of the evening. Pena pulled guard and then swept Santos who then appeared to injure his knee. Santos then sat on the side of the mat and was seen arguing with some of Pena’s teammates. As they restarted the match with Santos on bottom, Santos kept arguing with someone in the crowd. This is when Santos ran towards Pena’s team and ‘did a Khabib’ and instigated massive brawl.