BJJ World Champion DJ Jackson Wanted After Allegedly Stealing $13,000

BJJ World Champion DJ Jackson Wanted After Allegedly Stealing $13,000

DJ Jackson, an 8-time Jiu Jitsu World Champion, has allegedly stolen over 500,000 THB (over $13,000 USD) from multiple individuals who trusted him as a friend and mentor.

Bjjee was contacted by Bjj black belt Campbell Symes, bjj instructor at Southside MMA in Phuket, Thailand and he explained what happened.

Lawrence “Mac” McCready, a revered figure in the Phuket BJJ community, has unfortunately fallen victim to one of DJ Jackson’s deceitful scams. Known affectionately as Mac, this 70-year-old retired Royal Air Force veteran served his country with honor for 14 years and was a commander at the F-4 Top Gun School. His only mistake was trusting someone like DJ Jackson.

DJ Jackson took advantage of Mac’s well-known generosity. Mac is renowned for his willingness to help others and would literally give you the shirt off his back. When DJ approached Mac, asking for 400,000 Thai baht to help secure his spousal visa and build a future with his family in Thailand, Mac did not hesitate to assist. Mac will be addressing this situation in a forthcoming post.

Additionally, DJ Jackson exploited a young, undefeated MMA fighter, using his authority to extort 100,000 Thai baht from the young man.

DJ Jackson has a history of well-publicized misconduct, including sexual assault against a minor and embezzlement at other well-known organizations.

Despite being given a chance in Phuket, Thailand, DJ Jackson has betrayed everyone’s trust and caused harm to the bjj community once again.

DJ Jackson fled the country and returned to America with his 2-year-old son, just one week before he was due to repay the borrowed money. His actions have also left his wife and stepson stranded in Thailand.

It’s likely that DJ Jackson has found new employment in America and was stalling to prevent his new employer from discovering his past actions. We learned that he has used this tactic before with a previous employer, starting a new job before the information was revealed.

If you are a gym owner considering giving DJ Jackson a chance because he is an 8-time world champion and appears genuine on the surface, please reconsider for the safety and security of your own community. Don’t make the same mistake so many others have.

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