BJJ Watch: The First Ever Watch Made For BJJ Practitioners

BJJ Watch: The First Ever Watch Made For BJJ Practitioners


The very first watch specially made for BJJ practitioners has arrived: BJJ Watch!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the people behind BJJ Watch, and they asked me to test it out.

They shipped the watch from Tokyo, Japan where they are based and it arrived in Europe about a week later.

As editor of BJJEE.com, I’m lucky to receive many gifts from BJJ sponsors such as gear, GIs,etc.. but this watch felt special as it was truly unique.

gile watch

BJJEE editor Gile Huni with his BJJWatch

I wore the BJJ Watch to the academy and all my students wanted to buy one. Luckily they have the watch in different colours to represent all the belts in Jiu-Jitsu.

The watch is also worn by MMA/BJJ stars such as Clark Gracie or Hayato Sakurai.

This watch is awesome and I warmly recommend it for all BJJ practitioners.

You can order it at bjjwatch.com.

Clark Gracie:

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Function Overview:
Displaying Time and date via LED digital tube
12 hours system
One-button operation
Power-saving Mode: auto-off on OSD if no button actions were taken within 3 sec.
Mode selection:
Press the button to activate the LED display
Choose Time mode, Date mode, and Micro chronometer Mode by press the button sequentially

The dot in front of the “Hour” means “PM”

Data Setting:
In “Time Mode”, hold the button to get into the “Setting Mode”.
When the “hour” starts flickering, single-press the button to modify the number.
Keep holding the button to change the object to be set, which will be “Hour”, “Minute”, “Month”, “Day” respectively. Each item can be modified by single-pressing the button.
When you finish modification, auto system will turn the mode back to “Time Mode” in 5 sec.

Please avoid lighting up the LED display continuously for a long time. When it’s in low battery, the brightness of the LED display will dim out.

A photo posted by Bjj Watch (@thebjjwatch) on

A photo posted by Bjj Watch (@thebjjwatch) on

A photo posted by Bjj Watch (@thebjjwatch) on

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