BJJ Progress Advice: Don’t Be Afraid Of Discovery, Even If It Means Failing

BJJ Progress Advice: Don’t Be Afraid Of Discovery, Even If It Means Failing

How often have you Googled for advice on improving in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Probably a lot. And how much advice have you found that worked for you long-term? Chances are, not a lot.
Therefore, here’s a hint that will make it possible for you to keep improving throughout your BJJ journey… That will never fail you. And that is: don’t be afraid of discovery. Of trying out new stuff, even if it means you’ll fail quite a bit at first.

Brian Glick, one of John Danaher’s oldest black belts, shares why discovery is paramount to your BJJ progress:

True breakthroughs take time because at first we don’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going.
When you go back to re-create what you’ve discovered or learned, it goes much faster because you already know how to do it. All those failed efforts – moments where you mistimed the entry to the submission, lost the connection to your partner or let go of a position too soon… Are a critical component of the discovery process.

You shouldn’t be afraid of getting lost. Don’t get angry when you can’t find your way out of the mistakes labyrinth, but just keep going:

When you’re working in the name of insight, don’t get mad at the dead ends.

The art of discovery in jiu-jitsu is the practice of unearthing all the ways NOT to do it on your way to understanding how you SHOULD do it.
We often find our way by getting lost.


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