BJJ Player & Studio Owner Mateo Maldonado aka Matthew Maldonado Accused Of Groping a Woman on Subway

BJJ Player & Studio Owner Mateo Maldonado aka Matthew Maldonado Accused Of Groping a Woman on Subway

Mateo Maldonado had quite a blast from the past this week. One time Mateo Maldonado was battling much much much heavier criminal accusations – with the help of his bjj coach.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times  sources have independently confirmed that the suspect is Mateo Maldonado, a former member of Team Lloyd Irvin who, along with Nicolas Schultz, was accused of raping a teammate in 2013.

According to report the recent incident entails:
A brazen subway rider fondled a woman’s butt on an early-morning A train Wednesday ­– and flashed a thumbs up when a rider took a photo of him, police said.

The goateed suspect approached the 34-year-old victim on a southbound A train near 8th Ave and 14th St. around 9:40 a.m. and groped her buttocks, cops said Saturday.

In a bizarre cell phone photo released by cops, the rush-hour suspect gives a thumbs up to the camera.

Maldonado’s facebook bio lists him as Owner of MateoMMA & Fitness LLC at Self-EmployedStudied at University at Albany, SUNY ’10

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Maldonado also goes by Matthew Maldonado – which perhaps explains why it’s particularly challenging to google him – only when you use Matthew do you get the full picture.



As for Maldonado here’s what he said about the recent incident:


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