“BJJ Made My Lifts Weaker” : Balancing BJJ and Powerlifting

“BJJ Made My Lifts Weaker” : Balancing BJJ and Powerlifting

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique is king. How else would a much smaller person beat a bigger person if it wasn’t for superior technique. Strength however frowned upon, is also important especially when you consider that when 2 grapplers of the same same skill level meet, obviously the stronger one will win.

If you train BJJ and want to have competitive success, it’s a no-brainer that you should do some kind of S&C  training. This is actually a general term, because all the forms of weight training can vary drastically. Some might go for powerlifting style of training, focusing more on pure strength, while others will choose an approach more connected to conditioning and explosive strength, making the options almost infinite. It can also help with rehab prior to or when retuning to training after an injury.

What is powerlifting: Powerlifting is a strength sport unto itself and tightly focused around just three weightlifting events: the squat, bench press and deadlift. BJJ, relies in part on physical strength, making strength-building exercises such as powerlifting a helpful form of training.

BJJ black belt Nick ‘Chewy’ Albin, has a background in powerlifting and answers an answer from a powerlifter that has transitioned to BJJ and wants to know how to balance the two activities:

It can be hard to balance weight training and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I know that for me, I struggled with it at a point in my life where I was getting bigger and stronger and was chasing numbers in the weight room.

But then struggled with my BJJ training because I was too big and beat up for sufficient rolling and work on the mats.

And in this video I talk about this in the hopes to assist our friend Peter who is a Powerlifter getting into Brazilian Jiujitsu.

He says that since training Jiujitsu he’s noticed that his lifts have dropped in their overall poundage.

And his question is two fold. . .

1. How to Balance BJJ training with his Powerlifting?

2. Should he readjust his expectations for training?

I also touch on the current program I follow for lifting in order to support my BJJ training.

If you’re someone who’s really big into lifting who’s also pursuing BJJ. I hope this video is useful for you and your training on the mat and in the weight room.

When it comes to strength and conditioning, many Grapplers especially BJJ practitioners still train like amateurs.

Mark Philippi, co-owner of Philippi Sports Institute (PSI), has released a professional 9 week peaking program proven to increase strength, power, and speed, ideal for Gi/No Gi Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo. These are 45-minute Workout Sessions. They involve soft tissue mobilization and regenerative exercises designed to prevent injury.

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