BJJ & Luta Livre Black Belt Develops a Brilliant IBJJF Legal Leglock Set Up in The Gi

BJJ & Luta Livre Black Belt Develops a Brilliant IBJJF Legal Leglock Set Up in The Gi

Traditional gi Jiu-Jitsu, under IBJJF rules will  only allow for only straight ankle locks as legal leg lock submissions until the brown belt.

It’s only when you get to brown belt, that your leg lock game will truly open up. From the brown belt level up, legal leg locks options include toe holds, knee bars, calf slicers, and straight ankle locks.

Heel hooks and reaping of your opponent’s knee are illegal in the Gi at least.

In this video, bjj & Luta Livre black belt Dominic Englert of Academia de Jiu-Jitsu Karlsruhe, Germany shows a move that he has developped and that will catch your opponents by surprise. It’s a brilliant IBJJF legal Sneaky one handed toe hold & kneebar in the Gi.

Dominic starts from the half guard, once the knee shield is beaten, he controls the opponent’s sleeve preventing from posting with it and falls back to attack a very effective one handed toe hold and also an unexpected kneebar if the opponent defends.

Leglocks in the Gi? In this new instructional series, Fellipe Andrew, the #1 Jiu-Jitsu player in the world reveals one of the deadliest aspects of his game: leg-locks in the Gi. A specialist in attacking the legs in the gi, Fellipe has a 70% submission ratio in his career as a black belt largely due to his insight in how to submit his opponent quickly. The legs are a very underrated aspect of the game, Fellipe is here to bring your game to the next level:

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