BJJ Isometric Strength Training: Fastest & Easiest Way to Strength Train for BJJ

BJJ Isometric Strength Training: Fastest & Easiest Way to Strength Train for BJJ



Written by John Connors, BJJ black belt and head instructor at Connors Mixed Martial Arts . 


BJJ Isometric Strength Training Program (BIST)

So many of my brand new students come to me and ask “How can I get stronger for Jiu Jitsu? What kind of strength training should I do?”

Well, what they really want is to get better at jiu jitsu, not get stronger. Almost all of them are strong enough. They really need to come to class and train and practice jiu jitsu. It’s a big mistake for them to skip jiu jitsu class to go lift weights for an hour or two. But if they insist I offer them the following program. It’s simply THE VERY BEST investment of their time and energy for BJJ strength training.

I came up with the BJJ Isometric Strength Training (BIST) program about 16 years ago and I felt immediate results from using it. My original choking tool was an old log I got from my backyard. I wrapped it in an old bath towel that I taped around it. It worked so well that I just couldn’t believe it. I remember, after just a few weeks of the program, grabbing for a collar choke and my training partner put his hands in his collar to defend. I felt so strong that I was able to choke him by driving his own hands into his neck. I felt like I could rip his gi right apart in my hands.

If you want to get stronger immediately for BJJ, this is the program for you.


And here’s why it’s so darn good:

1. BIST uses very little time – from as little as 3 minutes to12 minutes at the most. You can’t beat it.

2. BIST uses very little energy. You will not feel drained at the end of it. You can even do it after a hard BJJ training session.

3. BIST will not pile more onto your already busy weekly schedule. We all have plenty on our plates without adding another workout session to the week. You can either tack this onto an existing session or squeeze it in during your morning routine.

4. BIST has DIRECT sport specific benefits. These are sport specific movements, so you will feel the obvious strength gains when you roll.

5. It’s very safe. I have never felt even close to an injury with BIST. You won’t pull a hamstring, you won’t tweak your back, shoulder or knee. You won’t get sidelined from training with an injury.

6. The BIST program increases Relative Strength – you won’t change weight classes. You will just get stronger at your current weight.

7. You’ll experience immediate benefits – Within a couple of training sessions you will feel the difference on the mat. When you slap that guillotine choke on your training partner, you’ll feel more confident than ever that you have the power and endurance to finish the choke.

8. BIST increases your understanding of the actual BJJ technique. The feedback on your arms that you get doing these exercises will let you know how you have to adjust your chokes in order to “close the scissors” and finish your opponent.

9. The BIST program uses dirt cheap equipment. For just a few dollars at Home Depot you have all you need.

10. The construction of the equipment needed is idiot proof. Anybody can put this together.

Now check out this video, where I demo the BIST program:


Now the rest is up to you. Invest just a few weeks with this program and I’m sure you will feel immediate results.

Now get out there and train!

Coach John Connors