BJJ Instructor Pleads Guilty To Unprovoked Attack On Student

BJJ Instructor Pleads Guilty To Unprovoked Attack On Student



Sergio Robalo is a black belt instructor  – he was reportedly unhappy with his student’s work ethic in class when he shattered his jaw with one blow.

For this he received 2 years in jail.

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Sergio Robalo lost his temper on Graham Jenkins according to dailymail back in August of 2013.

The two had clashed in class and Robalo carried their duel off the mat.

When Jenkins was in the changing rooms Robalo had struck his face effectively breaking his jaw.

 Now the 34-year-old, who was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison in 2016 for a robbery in his homeland, has been slapped with another two years behind bars.

Initially in class Robalo rolled with Jenkins but during the sparring he claims the instructor deliberately hurt him and wouldn’t release on tap.

Jenkins was initially shocked but not as shocked as when Robalo confronted him in the changing room leaving him with a broken jaw and tooth.

 Prosecutor Fiona Cortese said Mr Jenkins had attended a jiu-jitsu gym, in 2013 where the defendant was the instructor. But his attendance dropped off after a family bereavement and he did not attend any classes for about 10 days.

When he did return to the gym on August 20, 2013, he said he soon became tired and decided to rest, but Robalo took exception to this.

Miss Cortese said: ‘The defendant’s attitude changed. He demanded Mr Jenkins sparred with him.

‘Mr Jenkins was a white belt, but the defendant was a black belt. In the victim’s view, the defendant was far too aggressive.

‘At one point he screamed out to end the spar and he was assisted with the removal of the defendant from him.

‘Mr Jenkins walked towards the edge of the mat and started to get changed. The defendant said, ”If you ever do that again”, and punched him to the left side of his jaw once.

‘One of his teeth fractured and he fractured his jaw in two places. Metal plates had to be inserted.’

Judge Paul Glenn told Robalo:

‘You are a highly skilled martial arts practitioner. As an instructor you have to control your temper and use those skills appropriately.

‘Because of Mr Jenkins’s lack of commitment you decided to spar with him. You went much too far. You knew he was much less able than you were and you deliberately inflicted pain upon him.

‘You would not release when he tapped out.

‘As he was getting changed you approached him again. He was already shocked by your earlier behaviour and you then struck him a considerable blow to his jaw.’