BJJ Instructor Goes on Seminar Tour To Raise Funds for Friend Diagnosed with Cancer

BJJ Instructor Goes on Seminar Tour To Raise Funds for Friend Diagnosed with Cancer

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a powerful tool and when you can use it to help people, it becomes even more vital.

BJJ black belt Jimmy Johnstone, head instructor of Phoenix MMA in the UK is doing a great deed by helping raise money for his close friend who as been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Jimmy will be doing a BJJ seminar tour around the UK where all proceeds and donations will be going to help his friend and his family. Jimmy and his son will also be doing a 12 hour grapple marathon to raise more funds.

We highly admire Jimmy’s selflessness and heart. You can donate to Martin Ashton’s Gofundme to help his family:

Jimmy Johnstone stated:

One of my best mates Martin Ashton has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his hip. He will be undergoing major surgery which will be leaving him unable to work for some time.
Everyone knows the financial burden that cancer can bring so my son Nathan and I will be doing a 12 hour non stop grapple in Martins home town in the north east to help raise some money to support Martins family.
Martin is without doubt one of hardest working guys I know, also one of the warmest and most generous guys in our game. I was lucky enough to co-promote super 15 with Martin and I just enjoyed the whole experience working with my mate. BJJ guys have always been good at supporting their own kind during tough times so please dig deep to help support martinis lovely wife Diane and his 2 amazing kids during this challenging period.

I’m sure my friends will know that I’m trying to raise a little money to help support the family of a very close friend who is battling a rare form of bone cancer.
From December 16 until December 20 I will be teaching 5 seminars in 5 days around the UK. All proceeds and donations will be going to this great cause. I hope to see my friends join me for some training if I’m in or around your area. Please donate on the link in this post or on the night in person. Thank you all for your great support.


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