BJJ Instructor Blows Out Student’s Knee As Punishment For Using The ‘Lockdown’ in Class

BJJ Instructor Blows Out Student’s Knee As Punishment For Using The ‘Lockdown’ in Class

Over the years we’ve reported on various bullying behavior and hazing rituals from BJJ instructors and teammates – however this last one is truly disturbing.

While there are many different promotion rituals perhaps the most famous is the gauntlet. Even though the art itself is Brazilian the gauntlet originated in USA with Chris Haueter – and is to this day the biggest regret of Alliance master Fabio Gurgel:

Fabio Gurgel: ‘The Gauntlet Was My Biggest Mistake as an Instructor’

In this case, this Brazilian BJJ instructor didn’t approve of his student’s use of the lockdown position and was showing how to counter the move to the whole clas. The counter consisted of standing up which created a strong calf cruncher. The student tapped but the instructor decided to ignore the tap and even slapped the student. It’s not clear what his intentions were but this behavior is totally unacceptable coming from an instructor…

From the pants of the instructor, he is part of the major BJJ Team Alliance Jiu-Jitsu.

Why the hate for the lockdown?

Many people outside of the 10th planet system believe the lockdown or the scorpion as they call it in Brazil can cause injury. Many people feel that is too much of a dangerous technique to practice on a regular basis and it can cause very serious injury to the knee. If you are not familiar with the lock down it is a leg weave position where you use both of your legs to inter twine your opponent’s leg from half guard. This technique was made famous by 10th Planet jiu-jitsu founder and Jean Jaques Machado black belt Eddie Bravo.

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