Bjj Instructor Attacks Former Student Who Changed Academies

Bjj Instructor Attacks Former Student Who Changed Academies

Anderson Silva’s former coach recently confronted a former student of his in Curtiba:

The video has been making rounds around the internet with some stunned reactions. As you can see from the video Diógenes Kamikaze can be seen attacking Ulisses Teodoro, a former student, in the middle of the street in Campina Grande do Sul, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba.

This confrontation took place last Sunday.

The reason for the assaults, according to Kamikaze himself, was “the lack of respect of the former student.”

The young man pressed charges at the Campina Grande do Sul police station on Wednesday morning (10) because of the threats and physical assaults suffered. The report contacted Master Kamikaze but received no response from the coach:


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