BJJ Collar Choke Advice: Use Two Fingers, Not Four

BJJ Collar Choke Advice: Use Two Fingers, Not Four

It is important to have a Jiu-Jitsu game that is not entirely dependent on whether or not your adversary is wearing a gi. However, when your opponent is wearing a Gi, it becomes a great weapon for you.

There are countless ways to apply strangles using the cloth.

When someone ignores learning the numerous gi-based strangles available to them, it will stunt their growth as a BJJ practitioner.

You can attack Gi chokes from almost every position imaginable. The most powerful ones arise when you have taken the opponent’s back or when you are face to face.

So you have the opponent’s back and you want to choke them out with their collar, right? And how many fingers do you use to grip it?

If it’s four, you need to make an adjustment – and use two fingers instead.
Here’s why and how this applies to collar chokes, as explained by Kennet Ekelund Waale:

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