Training will take place in a sophisticated studio specifically designed for physical activities. Shaded from the summer sun, you’ll roll on custom-ordered Jiu Jitsu mats cooled by a refreshing sea breeze.

The Private BJJ Summer Camp offers VIP services to meet any need. We’ll assist in procuring local accommodation of any description, from private villas to intimate hotels. Our experts will gladly arrange car services, yacht hire, security or any other specific needs. Rest assured, guests will have access to nothing less than first-class service throughout their stay.

Every individual Private BJJ Summer Camp booking is tailor-made to meet our guest expectations. Please contact us when you place your reservation and we will work to ensure you receive nothing less than a perfect experience.

3 days Camp 

1st batch EUR 1200.-  SOLD OUT

2nd batch EUR 1500.-

3rd batch  EUR 2300.-