BJJ Blue Belt Saves Jumper From Suicide Attempt

BJJ Blue Belt Saves Jumper From Suicide Attempt

BJJ Blue Belt Jesse Harrison  had a huge impact on one man’s life last night. On his ride back from practice  he saw a car abandoned at Auckland Harbour Bridge, and a man climbing the railing to jump.

He detailed to The New Zealand Herald how he immediately pulled over and sprinted to where the jumper was.

“Basically I pulled over straight away, hazards on, and hit the gas on foot.

“I’m in jandals so I’m trying to get there as fast as I can as he makes his way over the edge.”

The two exchanged words, Harrison urged him to consider his loved ones and all of the people he would leave behind.

The man said he had no family but Harrison assured him there was always something to live for.

By this point, other cars had begun arriving and two men, one a New Zealander, another English, came to his aid and grabbed the man.

Police confirmed they began receiving reports about concern for a person’s wellbeing about 7.30pm.


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