BJJ Black Belt Shuts Down Black Belt Leg Lock Specialist’s Game

BJJ Black Belt Shuts Down Black Belt Leg Lock Specialist’s Game

Look up how to counter leg lockers on Google and you’ll find a number of counter-curses to remove the leg-locker curse, or leg-locking spell, which is, of course, a mythical spell from the world of Harry Potter.

Funnily enough, competing with a capable leg locker in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is probably much the same feeling as having your legs tied together helplessly by the fictional Draco Malfoy; it sucks and it feels like you can’t do much about it.

With leg locking becoming all the rage lately, it is important that practitioners understand not only how to attack the legs of an opponent, but how to defend against leg lock attacks, as well.

By leg locks, we are generally referring to all types of leg attacks, including, but not limited to: heel hooks, foot locks, knee bars, and toe holds.

Because seemingly every grappler out there right now is learning leg locks and learning how to attack with them, it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend against these type of attacks.

In this video, we see the formula to use when facing a leg lock specialist. The black belt stays low, controls the black belt leg lock specialist’s hips. He also never allows the opponent to get under him and never lets his legs go past the knee line.

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