BJJ Black Belt Faces Japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt in Competition

BJJ Black Belt Faces Japanese Ju Jitsu Black Belt in Competition

BJJ black belt Robby Malof recently squared off against a Japanese ju jitsu black belt.

In most cases Japanese Jujutsu is practiced in a more controlled manner with little to no live sparring.

This is just simply not an effective way to properly learn how to use a technique in a self-defense situation. Because a fight outside the gym isn’t controlled or choreographed. It’s intense, scary, exhausting and chaotic.

And while live training may not exactly mimic a fight on the street exactly. It will expose you to the stimulus of a fight situation. So here’s how a japanese jujitsu black belt made off against a bjj black belt at a recent NAGA event:

2019 NAGA Cincinnati Match against a FAKE jiu-jitsu black belt. I will give the boy credit though, he was very strong and did a good job holding on lol! He also outweighed me by 50lbs.


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