BJJ Black Belt Defeats Opponent 75-0 then Mercifully Submits Him

BJJ Black Belt Defeats Opponent 75-0 then Mercifully Submits Him

Daisyfresh’s breakout star Andrew Wiltse, a multiple world and Pan champion, now a black belt, is one of the most exciting grapplers on the circuit both Gi and No Gi.

He has shows some great guard passing concepts that he calls Buzzsaw. The concept is to always attack first, never accepting any of your opponents guard grips. He also anticipates his opponent recomposing guard by switching sides Faster.

He showed off his system last weekend when he competed in the Fuji BJJ Open and he defeated his opponent 75-0 and s!

Before him, Gui Mendes did something similar:

Total Domination: Gui Mendes Up 51-0 & Finishes Opponent With Merciful Armbar

& Erberth Santos:

Erberth Santos Defeats Opponent 62-0: Sets New World Record

Check out the match:

Destroy open guards with Andrew Wiltse’s signature buzzsaw passing system that anyone can use to start smashing and slicing through bottom players.

  • Shut down the reverse De La Riva and traditional De La Riva as Andrew shows you grip fighting and positioning concepts to stay safe and control the fight while you set up passes.
  • Use knee cuts, toreando, x-pass, leg weaves, and more for a comprehensive passing system that works together in the system Andrew shows.