BJJ Black Belt Charged With First-Degree Burglary and Attempted Kidnapping

BJJ Black Belt Charged With First-Degree Burglary and Attempted Kidnapping

BJJ Black Belt Nathan James Homme has been arrested when Ramsey County sheriff deputies found shotguns, a syringe, maps, a “kidnapping kit,” latex gloves, duct tape and handcuffs in his car and home.

The head instructor of The Academy Eau Claire had his properties searched after a woman reported that a masked man, whom she suspected was her ex-husband, broke into her Shoreview home March 13, according to the complaint as reported by twin cities.

Deputies also found two GPS tracker boxes along with a fishing magnet often used to attach tracking devices to vehicles, the complaint said.

They later discovered one of the tracking devices had been attached to his ex-wife’s Honda Element.

The woman and her father were home at the time, and the woman told police she was certain Homme — with whom she’s had ongoing, contentious legal battles — was the culprit.

He was arrested after investigators got a search warrant that placed Homme’s cellphone in the area of the burglary around the time it took place, the complaint said.

Also inside his house, law enforcement found what they characterized as “the outline of plan.”

“1. First stop-box, hockey bag, duct tape, hand cuff, blow torch, nails, garbage bags, my fresh clothes,” it started, according to the complaint.

“2. House code, shoes off, bedroom blitz, dt gag, handcuff, legs, hood) plus pillow … 3. Box her in trunk. Drive Element to Wilson P. Put box in trunk,” it continued.

Another page of the plan contained what appeared to be a script, authorities say.

“The length’s (sic) I go to, to have a conversation with you,” it read. “I have questions for you. I have some things I want to say, and then we’re done. I don’t want to hear any bullshit, I want you to speak from the heart. Alcohol helps the truth come out. Security footage has to go. How many recording devices do you have? Where are they stored. … Passwords?”

A couple of months before the burglary, a child-support magistrate issued an order suspending her child-support obligations to Homme, as he had moved nearly 100 miles away and was no longer co-parenting with her, charges say.

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