BJJ Bet: Hulk Submits Lo To Win GP, William Tackett Out-Grapples Toquinho

BJJ Bet: Hulk Submits Lo To Win GP, William Tackett Out-Grapples Toquinho

After an exciting fight night, BJJBet came to an explosive end. Face-to-face with Leandro Lo in the final of the No-Gi GP, Lucas Hulk applied a decisive rear naked choke to secure the jackpot of $15,000 and the dream belt for the event.

In his first match in the GP, Hulk took Servio Tulio’s back, who managed to avoid a submission, but was defeated with a score of 4 to 0. In the second confrontation, it was Mauricio Oliveira’s turn to succumb under the pressure and falling into the game of Hulk, who applied an arm-triangle (kata-gatame) to reach the final. In the last fight of the GP, Hulk performed a beautiful takedown, reached the back and closed the rear naked choke to snatch the victory from the hands of Leandro Lo.

Before that the young William Tacket from the USA defeated the dangerous veteran Rousimar Palhares 9-0.

In the Gi, Nicholas Meregali triumphed over Rider Zuchi by 2-0. Before that was Tayane Porfírio’s return to competition, She won over Gabi Pessanha, also by 2-0 in points.

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BJJBet: Who’s Next
São Paulo – SP
August 1, 2021


Nicholas Meregali beat Rider Zuchi 2-0 on points

Tayane Porfírio defeated Gabi Pessanha 2-0 in points

Matheus Gabriel submitted Luan Carvalho on armbar

Meyram Maquiné submitted Murilo Amaral in a choke from the back

Samuel Nagai submitted Mateus Onda with the bow and arrow choke

Leonardo Lara submitted Jorge Michelan with rear naked choke

Jessica Caroline beat Duda Tozoni 6-4 on points

Pedro Machado beat Caio BBG 7-2 in points


Leandro Lo beat Rafael Paganini 10-0 on points

William Tackett beat Rousimar Palhares 9-0 on points

Lucas Hulk beat Servio Tulio 4-0 on points

Mauricio Oliveira beat Mica Galvão 2-0 on points

Leandro Lo beat William Tackett due to an injury

Lucas Hulk submitted Mauricio Oliveira by kata-gatame

Lucas Hulk submitted Leandro Lo at rear naked choke