BJJ Advice: The First Move Will Rarely Ever Score, But…

BJJ Advice: The First Move Will Rarely Ever Score, But…

If you’re rolling against someone who actually knows what they’re doing, chances are that you won’t be successful with your first move.
Instead, you’ll have to rely on the execution of your second, third, or maybe even fourth or fifth technique – to succeed.

But despite that, you should still commit to that first move.
Here’s why, as explained by John Danaher:

Against good opponents the first move rarely scores – you will be judged primarily by the quality of your second, third or fourth attack that actually gets the breakthrough. Having said that, don’t get lazy with those initial attacks.

If they are not performed with real commitment, or at the very least the appearance of real commitment, they won’t provoke the responses that make the second, third or fourth attack succeed.

In other words: you need to commit so you can create an adequate reaction. Otherwise, you’ll be destined to fail:

So even if you expect them to fail and are using then only as a set up to a later attack – go in with commitment.
Only then will the opponent respond in ways that make the later real attack succeed.


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