BJJ Advice: Put Weight On Their Heels

BJJ Advice: Put Weight On Their Heels

The best of advice is often the simplest of advice, especially when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu…
It’s the details that you’d rarely pay attention to; but that, once you learn and start using them, make a drastic difference in your performance.

One such thing is putting your opponent’s weight on their heels.
Why is this so important? John Danaher explains:

Sweeping athletic opponents is never easy, but understand this – athleticism is determined by more than genetics.

On a second by second basis in a match the single biggest determinant of your athletic potential is your STANCE.
It doesn’t matter how athletic you are, if your stance is compromised you will struggle to engage in athletic movement.

In other words, putting weight on their heels will compromise your opponent’s athletic ability:

Nobody is athletic when their weight is placed awkwardly on their heels. Even the most gifted opponents can be made to stumble and fall under those circumstances.

So what does this mean for live-roll application? It means that you should focus on first transferring the opponent’s weight on their heels, before you go to knock them down:

Look to set your opponent’s weight on his heels when you want to knock him backwards and your task will be MUCH easier.


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