BJJ Advice: Force The Opponent’s Hand To The Mat

BJJ Advice: Force The Opponent’s Hand To The Mat

One of the most important things you need to do in Jiu-Jitsu is off-balance your opponents.
Why? Because that’s a sure-fire way to open up more submission opportunities!

However, how are you supposed to know that you’ve been successful in off-balancing them?
John Danaher has a simple word of advice – by forcing their hand to the mat:

One of the major goals in bottom position grappling is to off balance an opponent as often as possible – the more off balance he is – the easier he is to attack.

But what is a simple sign that you’ve succeeded in off balancing him? WHEN YOU FORCE HIS HAND TO THE MAT.

Why so? It’s quite simple, actually.
Danaher explains:

Forcing your opponents hand to the mat is one of the very best set ups from bottom guard position.

If his hand is one the floor than he definitely won’t even be attempting to pass your guard until he recovers. In addition, the hand on the mat indicates a broken stance and extension – two of the surest signs that a well chosen attack is much more likely to succeed than normal.


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