BJJ Advice: Focus On What’s Necessary, Not On What Would Be “Nice”

BJJ Advice: Focus On What’s Necessary, Not On What Would Be “Nice”

Oh, there are so many moves and techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that would be “nice” to learn… But, realistically speaking, which one of them are necessary for you to learn at this very moment? Chances are, not a lot of them. If any.
What’s more, perhaps the ones you should be focusing on – the necessary techniques – aren’t on your mind at all. And that’s a big mistake, because you’re squandering precious time and energy.

Brian Glick explains that knowing how to drop things from your focus is as important as adding them:

Simplicity is great, but simplifying can be difficult. As a student like there are too many things you want to get good at right away; as an instructor you feel like you can’t cover all the material you want to.
Instead of layering ANOTHER commitment on top of what you’re already doing, choose something to DROP. Begin by prioritizing what needs your attention right now. Maybe it’s an urgent defensive concern, like your guard retention or back defense. Disregarding areas like these can limit your ability to develop or improve other skills, so you’ll want to focus on them.

Ultimately, your primary goal needs to be found in the techniques which are necessary for your development:

Understand that this may mean ignoring some outlying submission or skills that would be NICE to have but are not NECESSARY for your development right now.
What have you committed time and energy to that you can shelve for the moment? It doesn’t need to be permanent. Start with one non-essential thing you can drop. Simplify your work by leaving behind something you don’t have space for.


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