BJJ Advice: Focus On The Effort, Not The Outcome

BJJ Advice: Focus On The Effort, Not The Outcome

As fun as it is, training Jiu-Jitsu can become stressful as well. Especially if you have big goals that you want to achieve.

However, there’s a slight mindset change that can make your BJJ journey easier and much more productive.
It’s to focus on the effort, not on the outcome.

Brian Glick explains why this is so important:

When we detach our emotional state from the OUTCOME of our effort, we’re more likely to remain focused and effective.

We’re not trying to CONTROL the outcome in an absolute sense; we’re just putting our best effort into creating the CONDITIONS for that outcome.

So how are you supposed to implement this in training? Glick answers:

A good way to make this work in your training is first to choose an area of focus – something simple enough so you can return to it even with distractions and resistance – then direct your effort there.

It could be a particular leglock or guillotine entry, if that’s what you’ve been working on; it could also be a particular passing sequence, or the firm goal of getting to your partner’s back.

Then, dedicate yourself as much as you can towards that objective… But be ready for any sort of an outcome:

Once you set your focus in this way, you’ll have a chance to dedicate your best resources to a worthwhile goal.
Then just be prepared to accept what happens once you’ve done your utmost.

Choose a goal, dedicate yourself to your plan, execute it to the best of your ability – and be ready to accept whatever happens after.


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